• Carnival Pride

    2001 - Carnival - Atrium, promenade ceilings - 1600 m2

    These were the early NIT days, working side-by-side with the creative architects of Carnival. A total of four cruisers were made in Helsinki yard and we had the honor to participate in three of them.

    For NIT the Carnival ships were what is known as surface projects. This means that we only supplied visible interiors: furnishings, textiles and panels – not the technical fittings behind and below them.
  • Galaxy

    2006 - Tallink - Main stairways, sauna & night club - 2450 m2

    Estonian ferry company Tallink ordered a total of five large ferries from Finnish shipyards and made this grand investment a cornerstone of its strategy.

    All the main stairways of the new Tallink fleet were entrusted to NIT as we know how to do stairs and all the technical stuff that is covered by interior design and textiles.

    One tip: you really need great 3D skills for design and construction.
  • Color Magic

    2007 - Color Line - Main staircases, toilets & golf simulator - 5600 m2

    Color Magic is one of the largest projects NIT has ever undertaken. We were trusted with the installation of the main staircases, airy glass footbridges and a large number of modular public toilets. Without careful design and project planning it would be almost impossible to work in the high spaces of such a big ship.

    The Norwegian owner of Magic asked for high quality stainless steel, stone and wood materials – and we are very proud of what we have achieved together with Turku shipyard. We are looking forward to working with the Norwegians again.
  • Saga HQ

    2012 - Saga Furs - Main lobby - 200 m2

    In history, we have also expanded our operations by taking on challenging onshore projects like the refit of Saga Furs’ headquarters. We are ready to step in whenever and wherever you need a reliable partner and total construction quality.
  • Mein Schiff 3

    2014 - TUI Cruises - Night club, restaurants & crew area with stairs - 5000 m22

    Sometimes it’s fair to say: this was a tough project. The Mein Schiff 3 was the first ship of its kind, and Turku shipyard fought hard to win and fulfil this order in very difficult market conditions and with demanding owner specifications.

    But we concentrated on the work and made inspiring restaurants with handsome domed ceilings, high tech lightning solutions and a sushi bar with special tables which can be heated. All these alongside a host of new environmental and safety standards – and ultimately, after strenuous working weeks of up to 80 hours for some of us, it all worked out fine.
  • Mein Schiff 5, Mein Schiff 6

    2016 - TUI Cruises - bars, restaurants, excursion area and crew areas - 5500 m2

    2017 - TUI Cruises - bars, restaurants, excursion area and crew areas - 5500 m2

    NIT completed successfully passenger and crew areas for Mein Schiff 5 and Mein Schiff 6. For each ship we designed and built bars, restaurants (e.g. Italian, Austrian, Asian), a shore excursion area and crew areas such as stairs, a library and a day room.

    Behind the surfaces, numerous demanding technical installations were completed, from HVAC and piping to electricals and insulation.